Dirty Gertie

Airship Pirate

Formerly known as: Flight Lietenant Gertrude Pecksniff Highmore

Having served for the Empire under SS Heavenwood, Gertie developed a rather over enthusiastic curiosity for the various experimental remedies available to the Airship crew, but following Heavenwood's mysterious early retirement, these were quickly withdrawn. She found that the only readily available substitute was Gin... and jewellery... to be found only at the furthest reaches of the Empire.  This led her to develop a bit of a taste for piracy which helped her fund her passions and keep herself in the manner she had decided to become accustomed to!  Admittedly, she is something of a "friendly" pirate and having looted the victim's stash and sampled their gin, she does quite often forget to kill the buggers.  Quite often, they even ask to stay on and join the brigade, leading her to have gathered quite an entourage! To keep the recruits occupied in between looting and drinking, she exhausts them with plenty of body conditioning workouts, and is currently working on a way to harness the energy and steam produced to power the Airship.....